FireFTP Extension for Firefox

If you use Firefox web browser, you might try FireFTP, a Firefox extension that puts a complete FTP/SFTP program in a web browser window.

To install FireFTP, start up your Firefox browser and select "Add-ons" from the menu. (Find it in the menu or in the "Tools" menu, if you have the menu bar turned on, or just enter about:addons into Firefox's location box.)

Type fireftp into the search box at the type of the page, and press return. You sould see FireFTP at the top of the list of search results. Click the "Install" button next to FireFTP. You will have to restart Firefox to finish the installation.

Once FireFTP is installed, you can find it listed as a command at the bottom of the "Web Developer" menu. (Click "Developer" in the menu to see the Web Developer menu, or use the "Web Developer" submenu in the "Tools" menu of the menu bar.)

To start FireFTP, just open Firefox and select the "FireFTP" command from the Web Developer menu. (It will be useful to have a pretty wide window.) You should see three columns. The left column shows the entire contents of the computer where you are working. The middle column shows the contents of one the folders on that computer. Initially, it will show your home folder, but you can navigate to a different directory. The right column is intially empty. When you connect to a remote computer, it will show files and folders on the computer.

To connect to a remote computer, use the connection menu at the top left of the FireFTP window:

If you are going to be connecting to the same SFTP server more than once, you might want to use "Create an account" from this menu, so that the account information will be saved. (The alternative is to use the "Quick Connect" in the menu to connect once.) To save the account information, click "Create an account." An Account Manager window will pop up. Enter the account information in the "Main" tab. To connect to your account on the math server, enter as the Host and use your Linux user name and password. The Account Name is arbitrary. For example:

Click to the "Connection" tab and set the Security to SFTP:

Click "OK." To connect, make sure that the account is selected in the connection pop-up menu, and click "Connect" next to the menu:

Once connected, you should see your home directory on the math server in the right column of the FireFTP window, and you will be able to transfer files back and forth. The "Connect" command next to the menu will change to "Disconnect." Click "Disconnect" when you are done.

File transfer is pretty easy. Select a file or folder to be transfered on one side of the connection. Select the destination folder on the other side. The click the arrow button in the middle of the window that points in the direction that the files are to be transferred:

You can even select multiple files and folders by control-clicking and shift-clicking. (On a Mac, use command-click instead of control-click.)

You can perform other tasks by right-clicking in either the remote or the local file list portion of the window. You will get a pop-up menu containing several commands. For example, you can create and delete files and folders.