CPSC 124 Introduction to Programming Fall 2004

Final Exam Review Guide

The exam will be cumulative. (It is hard to avoid, anyway.)


You are responsible for everything in the assigned reading, even if it wasn't covered in class and isn't listed below. However, the major topics covered will be drawn from the following list.

You should know how to use the most common classes used in the course, such as TextIO and String. You will not be provided with copies of TextIO and String if you need to use them. In particular, you should know how to read input using TextIO and should know how to get the length of a string and how to extract individual characters from a string.

You should be familiar with the other classes used in the book and in lab (e.g. Card, Deck, Hand, MovingBall, etc) but you would be provided with a description of them for reference if you are asked to use them. Being familiar with their operations, however, will save you valuable time!

Sample Questions

Possible types of questions include (but aren't limited to):

The end-of-chapter quizzes and programming exercises are excellent practice.