CPSC 124 Introduction to Programming Spring 2009

Readiness Assessment Test Appeals

If your team missed a question on the group RAT, the team may file an appeal to receive full credit for the question. (Individuals may not file appeals for questions missed on an individual RAT.) Appeals are granted for two reasons: you understood the concept but ambiguity in the question or the readings caused you to miss the question, or you can explain why your answer was incorrect.

To file an appeal, you must fill out an appeals form. On the form, you must specify two things:

For a successful appeal, your explanation should demonstrate that you fully understand the concept and should include all the parts listed above - for example, you will not get credit if you only give the right answer or quote an ambiguous passage in the reading without giving a page reference and explaining why it is ambiguous.

If the appeal is sucessful, the points missed will be added to:

Individuals who answered correctly the first time will continue to receive credit for the question.

No additional points are awarded if an appeal is unsuccessful.

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