CPSC 343: Database Theory and Practice
Fall 2012


Stina Bridgeman
Lansing 312, x3614

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M 3-4:30*, T 1-2:30, R 11-12:30, F 11:10-12:10
or by appointment (schedule)
*Office hours will end at 4:00 on faculty meeting days (9/10, 10/1, 11/5, 12/3).

Class Hours and
Meeting Place

MWF 10:10-11:05am, Lansing 301


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[8/27] If you are unable to obtain the book in order to do the reading before Wednesday, or if you are unable to access Blackboard because you are not yet officially registered for the course, email me as soon as possible so I can send you both reading and quiz.

[8/27] Reading quizzes are available in Blackboard - select the course "Database Theory and Practice FALL 2012" and look for "Reading Quizzes" in the menu on the upper left side of the page. Only currently-available quizzes will be shown.

[8/27] Welcome to CPSC 343! This web page is your source for a great deal of important and useful material, so you should take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with the website. Check back often for announcements and new information.

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