CPSC 444 Artificial Intelligence Spring 2017

CPSC 444 Schedule

Reading is to be done for the class period where it is listed.

Dates for things in light gray are for planning purposes and may be adjusted slightly.


Week 1: 1/16-1/20

Topics: course introduction; reactive agents: boids and steering behaviors



Wed Slides and Examples:
  • slides (course introduction)

Fri Reading: Reference:
  • boids (extensive list of other resources related to boids)
  • slides (reactive agents, boids, steering behaviors)

Week 2: 1/23-1/27

Topics: boids and steering behaviors; combining behaviors; decision making


Mon meet in Rosenberg 009 lab homework #1
due Fri 1/27

Wed Slides:
  • slides (combining behaviors)
  • slides (action selection - decision trees, FSMs)

Fri Slides:
  • slides (implementing decision trees and FSMs; behavior trees)
homework #2
due Mon 1/30

Week 3: 1/30-2/3

Topics: problem solving as search; uninformed search; informed search

Mon Slides:
  • slides (problem solving via search: representation, uninformed search)
homework #3
due Wed 2/1

resubmit due Wed 2/15
project #1
due Fri 2/17

Wed Slides:

Fri Slides:
  • slides (comments on hw 3)
  • slides (search: uninformed and informed)
homework #4
due Wed 2/15

Week 4: 2/6-2/10

Topics: work on project

Mon no class (work on project)

Week 5: 2/13-2/17

Topics: informed search, adversarial search

Mon no class (work on project)

Wed Slides:
  • slides (informed search - IDA*, RBFS, SMA*)
homework #5
due Fri 2/17

Fri Slides:
  • slides (heuristic functions)
homework #6
due Wed 2/22

Week 6: 2/20-2/24

Topics: adversarial search, pathfinding


Mon Slides:
  • slides (adversarial search - minimax, alpha-beta pruning, move ordering)
extra class meeting: Mon 2/20 7-9pm


  • slides (adversarial search - additional optimizations and variations)

Wed Slides:   project #2
due Fri 3/10

Fri Slides:
  • slides (pathfinding - waypoint generation, navigation meshes, path smoothing, hierarchical pathfinding)

Week 7: 2/27-3/3

Topics: pathfinding, classical planning


Mon Slides:
  • slides (pathfinding - end of hierarchical pathfinding, open goal pathfinding, dynamic pathfinding, continuous time pathfinding)

Wed Slides:
  • slides (pathfinding - movement planning; classical planning)
homework #7
due Mon 3/6

Fri Slides:

Week 8: 3/6-3/10

Topics: classical planning

Mon Slides:
  • slides (classical planning - forward and backward search, generating heuristics, planning graphs)
exam 1
Mon 3/6 7-8pm

Wed Slides:
  • slides (comments on hw 7)
  • slides (using a planning graph as a heuristic)

Fri Slides:
  • slides (heuristics involving mutex links, using a planning graph directly, beyond classical planning)
  • slides (a few more comments on hw 7, issues and considerations in deciding on representations for planning)

Spring Break: 3/11-3/29

Week 9: 3/20-3/24

Topics: genetic algorithms


Mon Slides:
  • slides (genetic algorithms - building blocks, simple genetic algorithms, challenges)
homework #8
due Wed 3/8

Wed Slides:
  • slides (genetic algorithms - challenges, alternatives for representation and selection)
homework #9
due Fri 3/10

Fri Slides:
  • slides (genetic algorithms - crossover, mutation, steady state and survivor selection, strengths and limitations)
  project #3
due Mon 4/10

Week 10: 3/27-3/31

Topics: genetic algorithms; machine learning


Mon Slides:
  • slides (genetic programming)
  • eaters (genetic algorithm involving a cellular automaton)


Wed Slides:
  • slides (genetic programming - applications)
  • slides (machine learning - introduction, rote learning)

Fri Slides:
  • slides (machine learning - rote learning, backwards induction, temporal difference)
homework #10
due Wed 4/5

Week 11: 4/3-4/7

Topics: machine learning

Mon Slides:

Wed Slides:
  • slides (reinforcement learning wrapup)

Fri Slides:  

Week 12: 4/10-4/14

Topics: machine learning


Mon Slides:
  • slides (neural networks - training; learning recap)
homework #11
due Mon 4/17

Wed Slides:
  • slides (machine learning - decision trees)

exam 2
Thu 4/13 7-8pm

Fri Slides:
  • slides (machine learning - classifiers)

Week 13: 4/17-4/21

Topics: machine learning

Mon Slides:   project #4
due Tue 5/2

Wed meet in Rosenberg 009 lab homework #12
due Wed 4/26

homework #13
due Wed 4/26

Fri meet in Rosenberg 009 lab

Week 14: 4/24-4/28

Topics: machine learning; state of the art; intelligence, philosophical, and ethical issues

Mon meet in Rosenberg 009 lab

Wed Slides and Materials:

Fri Slides and Materials:

Read all three articles for Monday if you can; start with the two shorter ones (the first and last ones) if you are short on time. The NYT articles are behind a paywall; printed copies of all three articles are available outside my office if you can't access them.


Week 15: 5/1-5/2

Topics: wrapup


Mon Reading:
  • see materials posted for last Friday's class
Note: bring a phone or laptop or similar to class in order to complete course evaluations


  • slides (wrapup - philosophical issues, limitations and dangers, possibilities)


Reading Period: 5/3-5/5


Wed office hours 10:30-12:30  

Thu office hours 12-2  

Fri office hours 1:30-3:30



Exams: 5/6-5/9



final exam
Sun 5/7 8:30-11:30am
end-of-semester deadline
no work accepted after 5/7 11:30am



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