Welcome to Math/CS at HWS

Hobart and William Smith Colleges are a residential, four-year, liberal arts institution in upstate New York State, with about 2200 students. The Department of Mathematics and Computer Science is a combined department of mathematics and computer science, with ten full-time faculty.

Math Courses

Our selection of math courses includes Math 110: Discovery in Math for non-majors, a typical calculus sequence, required courses such as Linear Algebra and Foundations of Analysis, and a wide range of electives. Some popular electives include:

Computer Science Courses

As for computer science, we offer CPSC 120: Principals of Computer Science for non-majors. This course covers different topics, depending on who is teaching it, but it always includes some basic programming. For majors, we teach Java Programming and other required courses such as Computer Architectur and Analysis of Algorithms. Elective courses include:

And here is one of our faculty: