CPSC 124, Fall 2001
Final Programming Project

This is an individual or group programming assignment. You can get help from me and from the TA on this assignment. Otherwise, you should work on the assignment on your own or with other members of your group. You are welcome to use any code or classes from the textbook, and possibly from other sources if you tell me about it.

The program can be turned in any time up until the final exam, which takes place at 8:30 AM on Wednesday, December 12. However, I urge you to finish it early so you can concentrate on your final exams. Also, it would be nice if the class could look at some of the projects on the last day of class.

For the final programming assignment for CS 124, you will select a topic, subject to my approval. The project can be an applet or a stand-alone program. You should turn in a written proposal for your final project on Monday, November 12. This proposal will be graded for a maximum of 10 points. The proposal should be a description of the program, including a discussion of the type of interaction that it will have with the user. You are encouraged to work with a partner on this project, but you can also work as an individual if you prefer. I will consider letting more than two people work together on a project, if the project is appropriately ambitious.

Here are a few ideas for possible projects. You are not restricted to choosing from this list.

David Eck, 31 October 2001