CPSC 220, Fall 2012
Lab 8: Larc in LogiSim

This week, you will start the construction of a Larc simulation in the LogiSim circuit simulation program. You will be working in assigned groups. The folder /classes/cs220/larc-in-logisim has a folder for each group. All members of the group have access to that group's folder, so the group can keep all of its work in that folder.

You will continue work on the lab next week, and it will be due the following week. When the lab is due, I will probably ask each group to meet with me to present its work and to test its simulation on several programs that I will write for that purpose. When we do that, each person in the group should be prepared to answer questions about any aspect of the group's work. So, even if you work separately on parts of the problem, you should familiarize yourself with all of the work done by your group.

Some Notes

We have discussed the Larc simulation extensively in class, and I will not repeat the discussion here. (You have the hand-drawn diagram, simular to what I put on the board in class, as a starting point.) But here are some notes about LogiSim and the simulation:

Before next week's lab, I expect all the basic circuits and at least some of the control circuits to be ready, and the main project file to be started. You should be prepared to show me your work at the start of next week's lab.