CPSC 225, Fall 2007
Assignment 3

As your third written assignment, you should prepare a proposal for a final project for this course. (Hopefully, you have been thinking about this since the beginning of the term.) I encourage you to discuss your plans with me before turning in your proposal. Recall that the final project can be a team effort, but that team efforts should be suitably ambitious. The final project will be worth 15% of the course grade.

In your proposal, you should first give a specification of the program from the point of view of the user of the program. Describe the purpose of the program and the user interface. What menu commands will be available, and what will they do? Will the user be able to save and load files? Communicate with other computers? Draw pictures? Process data in some way?

Next, you should outline the program itself. Briefly describe the major classes that you will use to store the data needed by the program, the methods or algorithms that you will need to process the data, and the classes that will be needed to implement the user interface.

Finally, you should include a list of things that you still need to learn to enable you to complete the project.

By the time you complete this assignment, you should be in a position where you can start actual work on the project.

This assignment is due in class on Wednesday, November 7.

David Eck