CS 271: Wrapping Up the Final Project

Over the next week, you should be finishing up your final project for this course, getting the web site into a form where it is ready for use, and preparing the written materials that you will turn in.

Finishing the Web Site

Ideally, by now, you should have a functional web site. However, you will want to do some final clean-up and polishing. Here are some tasks that might still need to be done. (If there are people on the team who have not yet contributed a fair share of the work, here is an opportunity for them to catch up.)

What to turn in

For the purposes of turning in your project, you should make sure that the CVS repository is up to date. I will grab the project from there. If you have other material, such as planning and design work, that you think would help me to evaluate the project, you can turn them in as well.

Remember that your grade on the project will be a combination of a group grade and an individual grade. This means that I need to know what work you did.Quoting from the original final project description:

All files in the project should include a comment at the top with the names of the people who actually worked on that file and some indication of the nature of their contribution (e.g. "wrote most of the code", "added method XXX", "did some minor code polishing", "fixed bug in method XXX").
In addition, again quoting the description:
At the end of the project, everyone will turn in an individual summary report of their work, including a self-evaluation and an evaluation of their team. I strongly suggest that you keep a log of the work that you do on the project, and turn in that log as part of your final report.
Whether you've kept a log or not, you should turn in your summary report on paper. It should describe and evaluate your own contribution to the project. Comments on the performance of the team as a whole are welcome but are not required.