CPSC 324, Fall 2002
Final Project

AS YOU KNOW, the final project for this course is due at the scheduled final exam period: Friday morning, December 20. This project counts for 17% of your final grade The project should be a substantial effort, and you should start working on it as soon as possible.

In addition to the final project, you will receive a final grade on your Web portfolio. This overall evaluation of your Web portfolio counts for 8% of your total course grade. As stated in the class handout, the grading will be simple: If you have fulfilled the basic requirements, you get 6 points. Extra effort or particularly nice appearance will get you a 7 or 8. If material is missing or obviously sub-standard, you will get less than 6 points.

Here are some ideas for a final project (most of them repeated from the class handout). You are not limited to choosing one of these topics:

The final project is an individual, not a group, assignment. You are responsible for choosing your own topic, in consultation with me. On the last class before Thanksgiving break, November 25, you should turn in a short written statement of your topic. I suggest that you meet with me to discuss your ideas one or more times before then. On Friday, December 6, you should turn in a more detailed outline of the project. This outline will be graded for 10 homework points. This outline should include:

The project itself must be turned in during the scheduled final exam period, at 10:00 on Friday, December 20 (or earlier). Your Web portfolio should also be in final form at that time.

David Eck, November 2002