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Console Text Output


Turn console display of debug info text on/off


Same as Debug_Console=On


Same as Debug_Console=Off


Turn console display of fatal error text on/off


Same as Fatal_Console=On


Same as Fatal_Console=Off


Turn console display of render info text on/off


Same as Render_Console=On


Same as Render_Console=Off


Turn console display of statistic text on/off


Same as Statistic_Console=On


Same as Statistic_Console=Off


Turn console display of warning text on/off


Same as Warning_Console=On


Same as Warning_Console=Off


Turn on/off all debug, fatal, render, statistic and warning text to console.


Same as All_Console=On


Same as All_Console=Off

You may suppress the output to the console of the debug, fatal, render, statistic or warning text streams. For example the Statistic_Console=off option or the -GS switch can turn off the statistic stream. Using on or +GS you may turn it on again. You may also turn all five of these streams on or off at once using the All_Console option or +GA switch.

Note that these options take effect immediately when specified. Obviously any error or warning messages that might occur before the option is read are not be affected.

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