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Vector Identifiers

Vector identifiers may be declared to make scene files more readable and to parameterize scenes so that changing a single declaration changes many values. An identifier is declared as follows.


Where IDENTIFIER is the name of the identifier up to 40 characters long and EXPRESSION is any valid expression which evaluates to a vector value. Note that there should be a semi-colon after the expression in a vector declaration. This semi-colon is new with POV-Ray version 3.1. If omitted, it generates a warning and some macros may not work properly. See "#declare vs. #local" for information on identifier scope. Here are some examples....

 #declare Here = <1,2,3>;

 #declare There = <3,4,5>;

 #declare Jump = <Foo*2,Bar-1,Bob/3>;

 #declare Route = There-Here;

 #declare Jump = Jump+<1,2,3>;

Note that you invoke a vector identifier by using its name without any angle brackets. As the last example shows, you can re-declare a vector identifier and may use previously declared values in that re-declaration. There are several built-in identifiers which POV-Ray declares for you. See section "Built-in Vector Identifiers" for details.

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