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Box Object

The box is one of the most common objects used. We try this example in place of the sphere:

  box {

    <-1, 0,   -1>,  // Near lower left corner

    < 1, 0.5,  3>   // Far upper right corner

    texture {

      T_Stone25     // Pre-defined from

      scale 4       // Scale by the same amount in all

                    // directions


    rotate y*20     // Equivalent to "rotate <0,20,0>"


In the example we can see that a box is defined by specifying the 3D coordinates of its opposite corners. The first vector is generally the minimum x-, y- and z-coordinates and the 2nd vector should be the maximum x-, y- and z-values however any two opposite corners may be used. Box objects can only be defined parallel to the axes of the world coordinate system. We can later rotate them to any angle. Note that we can perform simple math on values and vectors. In the rotate parameter we multiplied the vector identifier y by 20. This is the same as <0,1,0>*20 or <0,20,0>.

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