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The Sky Vector

Normally POV-Ray pans left or right by rotating about the y-axis until it lines up with the look_at point and then tilts straight up or down until the point is met exactly. However you may want to slant the camera sideways like an airplane making a banked turn. You may change the tilt of the camera using the sky vector. For example:

 camera {

  location <3,5,-10>

  sky   <1,1,0>

  look_at <0,2,1>


This tells POV-Ray to roll the camera until the top of the camera is in line with the sky vector. Imagine that the sky vector is an antenna pointing out of the top of the camera. Then it uses the sky vector as the axis of rotation left or right and then to tilt up or down in line with the sky until pointing at the look_at point. In effect you're telling POV-Ray to assume that the sky isn't straight up. Note that the sky vector must appear before the look_at vector.

The sky vector does nothing on its own. It only modifies the way the look_at vector turns the camera. The default value is sky<0,1,0>.

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