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The mandel pattern computes the standard Mandelbrot fractal pattern and projects it onto the x-y-plane. It uses the x and y coordinates to compute the Mandelbrot set.

It is specified as

pigment {mandel Max_Iteration [PIGMENT_MODIFIERS...] }

The pattern is specified with the keyword mandel followed by an integer number. This number is the maximum number of iterations to be used to compute the set. Typical values range from 10 up to 256 but any positive integer may be used. For example:

  pigment {

    mandel 25

    color_map {

      [0.0  color Cyan]

      [0.3  color Yellow]

      [0.6  color Magenta]

      [1.0  color Cyan]


    scale .5


The value passed to the color map is computed by the formula:

value = number_of_iterations / max_iterations

When used as a normal pattern, the syntax is...

normal{mandel Max_Iteration [, Bump_Size] [NORMAL_MODIFIERS...] }

where the integer Max_Iteration is a required parameter but the float Bump_Size which follows is optional. Note that the comma is required especially if Bump_Size is negative.

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