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The spiral2 pattern creates a double spiral that winds around the y-axis similar spiral1 except it is two overlapping spirals the twist in opposite directions. The results sometimes looks like a basket weave or perhaps the skin of pineapple. The center of a sunflower also has a similar double spiral pattern. Its syntax is:

pigment {spiral2 Number_of_Arms [PIGMENT_MODIFIERS...] }

The Number_of_Arms value determines how may arms are winding around the y-axis.

As a normal pattern, the syntax is

normal {spiral2 Number_of_Arms [, Bump_Size] [NORMAL_MODIFIERS...] }

where the vector <Orientation> is a required parameter but the float Bump_Size which follows is optional. Note that the comma is required especially if Bump_Size is negative.

The pattern uses the triangle_wave wave type by default but may use any wave type.

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