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General Rules For All Distribution

The permission to distribute this package under certain very specific conditions is granted in advance, provided that the following conditions are met.

These archives must not be re-archived using a different method without the explicit permission of the POV-Team. You may rename the archives only to meet the file name conventions of your system or to avoid file name duplications but we ask that you try to keep file names as similar to the originals as possible. (For example: POVSRC.ZIP to POVSRC30.ZIP)

Ready-to-run unarchived distribution on CD-ROM is also permitted if the files are arranged in our standard directory or folder structure as though it had been properly installed on a hard disk.

You must distribute a FULL PACKAGE of files as described in the next section. No portion of this package may be separated from the package and distributed separately other than under the conditions specified in the provisions given below.

Non-commercial distribution in which no money or compensation is charged (such as a user copying the software for a personal friend or colleague) is permitted with no other restrictions.

Teachers and educational institutions may also distribute the material to students for free or they may charge minimal copying costs if the software is to be used in a course.

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