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Permitted Modification And Custom Versions

Although the full source code for POV-Ray is distributed, there are strict rules for the use of the source code. The source distribution is provided to; 1) promote the porting of POV-Ray to hardware and operating systems which the POV-Team cannot support. 2) promote experimentation and development of new features to the core code which might eventually be incorporated into the official version. 3) provide insight into the inner workings of the program for educational purposes.

These license provisions have been established to promote the growth of POV-Ray and prevent difficulties for users and developers alike. Please follow them carefully for the benefit of all concerned when creating a custom version.

The user is granted the privilege to modify and compile the source code for their own personal use in any fashion they see fit. What you do with the software in your own home is your business.

However severe restrictions are imposed if the user wishes to distribute a modified version of the software, documentation or other parts of the package (here after referred to as a "custom version"). You must follow the provisions given below. This includes any translation of the documentation into other languages or other file formats.

A "custom version" is defined as a fully functional version of POV-Ray with all existing features intact. ANY OTHER USE OF ANY POV-Ray SOURCE CODE IS EXPRESSLY PROHIBITED. The POV-Team does not license source code for any use outside POV-Ray. No portion of the POV-Ray source code may be incorporated into another program unless it is clearly a custom version of POV-Ray that includes all of the basic functions of POV-Ray.

All executables, documentation, modified files and descriptions of the same must clearly identify themselves as a modified and unofficial version of POV-Ray. Any attempt to obscure the fact that the user is running POV-Ray or to obscure that this is an unofficial version expressly prohibited.

POV-Ray may not be linked into other software either at compile-time using an object code linker nor at run-time as a DLL, ActiveX, or other system. Such linkage can tend to blur the end-user's perception of which program provides which functions and thus qualifies as an attempt to obscure what is running.

To allow POV-Ray to communicate with outside programs, the official versions of POV-Ray include several internal communication "hooks" for it to call other tasks, often called an Application Programming Interface, or API. For example: the generic part of POV-Ray provides operating system shell-out API commands. The Windows version has a GUI-extension API and the ability to replace the text editor. Modification to these APIs or other officially supported communication mechanisms to increase functionality beyond that of the official version IS EXPRESSLY PROHIBITED.

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