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Retail Value Of This Software

Although POV-Ray is, when distributed within the terms of this agreement, free of charge, the retail value (or price) of this program is determined as US$20.00 per copy distributed or copied. If the software is distributed or copied without authorization you are legally liable to this debt to the copyright holder or any other person or organization delegated by the copyright holder for the collection of this debt, and you agree that you are legally bound by the above and will pay this debt within 30 days of the event.

However, none of the above paragraph constitutes permission for you to distribute this software outside of the terms of this agreement. In particular, the conditions and debt mentioned above (whether paid or unpaid) do not allow you to avoid statutory damages or other legal penalties and does not constitute any agreement that would allow you to avoid such other legal remedies as are available to the copyright holder.

Put simply, POV-Ray is only free if you comply with our distribution conditions; it is not free otherwise. The copyright holder of this software chooses to give it away free under these and only these conditions.

For the purpose of copyright regulations, the retail value of this software is US$20.00 per copy.

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