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Following is a list in alphabetic order of all people who have ever worked on the POV-Ray Team or who have made a note-worthy contribution. If you want to contact or thank the authors read the sections "Contacting the Authors" or use email addresses below.





Dieter Bayer

Wrote sor, lathe, prism, media and many other features

Thomas Baier

New 3.1 team member, tester

Chris Cason

Windows version coordinator and other contributions


Dale C. Brodin

Alpha & Beta tester, forum support

Thorsten Froehlich

Mac developer

Alan Kong

Alpha & Beta tester, forum support

Lutz Kretzschmar

Moray author, MS-Dos 24-bit VGA, part of the anti-aliasing code

Joel Newkirk

Primary Amiga developer

Nathan O'Brien

Artist, tester

Redaelli Paolo

Amiga developer

Anton Raves

Alpha & Beta tester, Mac contributor

Eduard Schwan

Mac version coordinator, mosaic preview, docs

Erkki Sondergaard

Alpha & Beta tester, 3.0 Scene files


Timothy Wegner

Fractal objects, PNG support

Chris Young

POV-Team coordinator, parser code






Claire Amundsen

Tutorials for the POV-Ray User Guide


Steve Anger

POV-Ray 2.0/3.0 developer

Randy Antler

MS-Dos display code enhancements


John Baily

RLE targa code


Eric Barish

Ground fog code


Kendall Bennett

PMODE library support


Steve Bennett

GIF support


David Buck

Original author of DKBTrace

POV-Ray 1.0 developer


Aaron Collins

Co-author of DKBTrace 2.12

POV-Ray 1.0 developer


Chris Dailey

POV-Ray 3.0 developer


Steve Demlow

POV-Ray 3.0 developer


Andreas Dilger

Former Unix coordinator, Linux developer, PNG support

Joris van Drunen Littel

Mac beta tester


Alexander Enzmann

POV-Ray 1.0/2.0/3.0 developer

Dan Farmer

POV-Ray 1.0/2.0/3.0 developer


Charles Fusner

Blob, lathe and prism tutorial tutorials for the POV-Ray User Guide


David Harr

Mac balloon help and palette code


Jimmy Hoeks

Help file for Windows user interface


Terry Kanakis

Camera fix


Kari Juharvi Kivisalo

Ground fog code


Charles Marslett

MS-Dos display code


Pascal Massimino

Fractal objects


Jim McElhiney

POV-Ray 3.0 developer


Robert A. Mickelsen

Artist, 3.0 docs contributor

Mike Miller

Artist, scene files,


Douglas Muir

Bump maps, height fields


Jim Nitchals

Mac version, scene files (Jim passed away in June 1998 but his contributions to POV-Ray will not be forgotten)


Paul Novak

Texture contributions


Dave Park

Amiga support, AGA video code


David Payne

RLE targa code


Bill Pulver

Time code


Dan Richardson

3.0 Docs


Tim Rowley

PPM and Windows-specific BMP image format support

Robert Skinner

Noise functions


Zsolt Szalavari

Halo code which was later turned into media

Scott Taylor

Leopard and onion textures


Drew Wells

POV-Ray 1.0 developer, POV-Ray 1.0 team coordinator



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