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The Amiga version comes in several flavors, 68000/68020 without FPU, (not recommended, very slow) 68020/68030 with FPU, 68040, and 68060. There's two way to use POV: Shell only and using the provided GUI interface which requires MUI 3.8. All versions run under OS3.x and up. Support exists for pensharing and window display under OS3.x with 256 color palettes, plus CyberGraphics and Picasso 96 24-bit display.


At least 4 meg of RAM.

At least 2 meg of hard disk space for the necessities, 5-20 more recommended for workspace.

An ASCII text editor, GUI configurable to launch the editor of your choice.

Graphic file viewer - POV-Ray outputs to PNG, Targa (TGA), and PPM formats. POV-Ray Amiga can load any image format with Picture.Datatype V43 and the appropriate datatype.

Required POV-Ray files:

POVAMIx0.LHA -- a LHA archive containing executable, sample scenes, standard include files, and documentation for the 680x0 version of POV-Ray (i.e.: POVAMI60.LHA stands for 68060 version); 68020 version needs FPU.


8 meg or more of RAM.

68030 & 68882 or higher processor.

24bit display card (CyberGFX and Picasso 96 library supported)

Amiga PowerPC version of POV-Ray is now in beta testing. Watch the or for further news.

Optional: The source code is not needed to use POV-Ray. It is provided for the curious and adventurous.

POVAMI_S.LHA --- The C source code for POV-Ray for Amiga. Contains generic parts and Amiga specific parts. It does not include sample scenes, standard include files, and documentation so you should also get the executable archive as well.

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