CPSC 371, Fall 2003       Test 2 Info

The second test in CPSC 371 will be given in class on Wednesday, November 19. Since the first test, we have covered material from Chapters 8, 9, 10, 11, and 14 in Murach's Java Servlets and JSP and Chapters 1, 6, 7, 8, and 9 in Struts Kick Start. However, note that we did not cover every detail in these chapters. For example, we covered only pages 268--283 of Murach's Chapter 9, and we we did not cover any of the details of the sample application that occupies most of Chapters 6 through 9 in Struts Kick Start. You are, of course, also responsible for material that was covered in the labs. As with the first test, you can expect the majority of the questions to be essays and definitions. However, you will have to write some short sections of SQL, JSP, or Java code. The coding questions should cover things that have been covered explicitely in class or lab. Here is a list of terms and ideas that you should be familiar with:

Java Beans
Property of a bean
Get and set methods
The <jsp:useBean> tag
The <jsp:getProperty> tag
The <jsp:setProperty> tag
Scope of a bean
    (page, request, session, application)
<jsp:setProperty name="xxx" property="*"/>
Relational database
Why use a database instead of files
Tables in a database
Basic SQL commands:
SQL table types:
Primary key for a database table
Index for a database table
Basic JDBC functions:
JSP custom tags
How to deploy a taglib
The <%@ taglib %> directive
Tag prefixes for custom tags
TLD file for a taglib
Using attributes in custom tags
Jar (Java ARchive) files
What to do with a jar file
Tomcat server-managed security
Using a user database with Tomcat
War (Web ARchive) files
What to do with a war file

When to use Struts
MVC architecture
Struts View components
   JSP pages, Struts taglibs,
   ActionForm classes,
Struts Controller components
   ActionServlet, Action classes,
Struts Model components
How the components all relate
What's in struts-config.xml?
How forms are processed in Struts
Form validation
The <html:errors> tag
Where to put business logic
Internationalization (I18n)
Resources for a Java program
Properties files
Locales (such as en, es, de, fr)
The <bean:message> tag
How big projects are different
Designing a web application
Use cases