CS 453: Artificial Intelligence, Spring 2005
Final Project

As you know, there is a final project in this course that is worth 20% of the total grade. This project takes the place of a final exam. The project will consist of a paper, a presentation, and possibly some programming. For a project that has no programming, the paper should be about 15 pages. If you do some significant programming as part of the project, you can turn in a shorter paper of about 7 pages. The presentation should be about one-half hour long.

I expect your paper to be carefully researched and well-written. It will be graded for writing style as well as for information content. You should include a bibliography.

The papers will be due during the reading period at the end of the term, and we will schedule a time during that period for presentations. The four presentations will be given during a two-hour period that you are all required to attend. (Maybe we will go out to lunch afterwards.)

Everyone in class must choose a different topic. Topics should be chosen by Monday, March 28.

For your fourth assignment, you each looked at a possible project topic: Expert Systems, Neural Nets, the Genetic Algorithm, and Spam Filtering. You are not required to continue with the same topic. Other possible topics include, for example:

I am also open to other possibilities.

David Eck