FSEM 142: The Algorithmic Life
Final Writing Assignment

You will work on the third and final major writing assignment for the remainder of the semester. The paper is due on Monday, November 26, just before Thanksgiving break, with a rewrite due at the end of the semester. However, there will be a few preliminary assignments due along the way.

Your paper should be typed and double-spaced. The paper should be six to ten pages long, plus a bibliography. You will probably need at least eight sources for the bibliography, and the majority of them should not be things like Wikipedia articles or blogs. The paper should have a title at the top, in larger type, followed by your name. You should print a copy to turn in and bring the printout to class on November 26.

About the Assignment

The final writing assignment is a research and analysis paper. You will select a topic for a paper, do substantial research on the topic, and write an analysis that integrates the research. The analysis can include your own ideas and opinions, but a large portion of the paper must be research based. The topic can be controversial but does not have to be. If it is controversial, you do not necessarily have to take a definite position on the controversy; you could just analyze the various positions.

You should choose a topic related to computer and information technology, its history, or its impact on people and society. You should get my approval for the topic before you start working. Here are some ideas for you to think about, but you are certainly not restricted to this list: