Math 110-02, Fall 2008
Assignment 2

This is assignment is due in class
on Wednesday, September 10.

Some time will be available in class on Friday, September 7, for students to work in groups on this assignment. Depending on how things go, there might be some additional time for group work on Monday. However, each person should write up his or her own solutions to turn in on Wednesday. Remember that to get credit for a problem, you must explain your reasoning. That is, explain how you thought about the problem, including deductions that you made or steps that you took and why they are valid. Even if you do not arrive at a correct answer, or at any answer at all, you can still get some credit for your discussion. On the other hand, you will get little or no credit for simply stating an answer, even if the answer is correct.

The assignment consists of the following exercises from the textbook Symmetry, Shape, and Space:

Since you have already done some work on area and perimeter problems in class, you should begin your work in class on Friday by trying the exercises from Section 1.2.