Math 110-02, Fall 2008
Assignment 6

This assignment will be due on Wednesday, October 8.
Don't forget that there is a test on Friday, October 3.

On Monday, September 29, you will work in class on Exercises from Section 5.1. You should work on as many exercises as you can do from that section, but I will only collect answers to Exercises 6, 7, 9, 12, 13, and 20 plus one short essay discussing the results of the experiments and the questions in Exercises 15 through 19. For the essay, the main question is what angles give "nice" results, and how can those angles be obtained (from a simple general formula).

Mirrors will be available during class on Monday to work in groups of three on these exercises. A copy of Exercise 6 is given below; you can draw the lines for that exercise on this sheet and turn it in. A picture of a protractor and copies of several pictures from the book can be found on the back of this sheet. For exercises 15 through 19, you might want to put your mirrors on the protractor and place objects or pictures on top of the protractor between the mirrors. The protractor can help you measure the angles.

On Wednesday, in addition to answering questions about the test, we can talk about the results that you got on Monday, and there might be time for more work with mirrors if that is needed.