Math 110-02, Fall 2008
Final Project Topics

This course has a final project that counts for 12% of the total grade for the course. Some possible topics for the project are listed below. There are two types of project: The first type is a five-to-seven page research topic on some mathematical topic. The second type is some kind of "hands-on" project such as building something that illustrates a mathematical idea, along with a short one or two page paper discussing what you have done. Almost all the projects of the second type are based on sections of Symmetry, Shape, and Space that we will not cover in class or are extensions of sections that we will cover.

You are not limited to the topics in this list. You are welcome to design some other project, in consultation with me. Your project must be related to mathematics, but does not have to have a lot of specifically mathematical content. It could, for example, be primarily historical, sociological, or artistic in nature.

The project will be due at the end of the term, but you will have to choose your project well before that. More information on the schedule will be available later in the term.

Possible Topics for Research Papers

Possible Topics for Hands-On Projects