Math 110-01, Spring 2008
Final Project Topics

This course has a final project that counts for 10% of the total grade for the course. Some possible topics for the project are listed below. Most of the topics are for research papers, but there are a few other possibilities. You are not limited to the topics in this list. You are welcome to design some other project, in consultation with me. Your project must be related to mathematics, but does not have to have a lot of specifically mathematical content. It could, for example, be primarily historical, sociological, or artistic in nature.

You will work on your project in several stages. Part of Assignment 8 is to do a little preliminary research on two possible topics for the project. In the middle of April, as part of another assignment, I will ask you to turn in an outline or plan for the project. Your completed project is due on the last Wednesday of classes, April 30. I will grade the project and return it on the last day of classes, and you will have a chance to revise the project and try to improve your grade. If you choose to revise the project, the final version is due at the final exam period on May 10.

Possible Topics