Lecture Outlines

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Monday, August 27
On the first day of class, we discuss the uses of mathematics. Where is it used, and for what purpose? What do we use mathematics for in our everyday lives? Following this discussion, we go over the syllabus and the structure of the class. For Wednesday, read Sections 1.1 and 1.2, and be ready with any questions you might have.

Wednesday, August 29
Today we cover Section 1.2, on the real line. Key concepts to take of this lesson are interval notation, which we will use extensively, and the ways we can work with inequalities. Inequalities give many people trouble, so be sure to try as many practce problems as you can. Also today, we will discuss absolute value. For Friday, read Section 1.3.

Friday, August 31
After conquering the one-dimensional real line, we move on to the two-dimensional plane. Points in the plane are represented by pairs of numbers, called the coordinates. The first represents the horizontal position, and the second represents the vertical position. With these coordinates, we can find formulas for distance, midpoints and circles. For Monday, read Section 1.4. Also, the first homework assignment, covering Sections 1.2 and 1.3 is due Monday.