Lecture Outlines

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Monday, August 27
Today is the first day of class. We begin by discussing what a differential equation is and what possible applications might be. Where might you have seen them before? Where can yo imagine them emerging. Also, a discussion of the syllabus and the structure of the course, and an illustrative example: the Lotka-Volterra predator-prey system. Read Section 1.1 for Wednesday.

Wednesday, August 29
Today, we discuss ways of classifying differential equations. Autonomous v. Non-autonomous, Linear v. Non-linear, Ordinary v. Partial. Also, we talk about what we mean when we ask for a "solution" to a differential equation. Read Section 1.2 for Friday.

Friday, August 31
Our first method for finding solutions of differential equation is presented in this class. For equations of the form y'=ƒ(x), which depend only on x on the right hand side, we can find a solution by just integrating. This knowledge lets us re-create the laws of motion under constant acceleration from physics. For Monday, read Section 1.3.