Package edu.hws.jcm.awt

Interface Summary
Computable A Computable is an object that performs some sort of computation or action when its compute() method is called.
ErrorReporter To allow different styles of reporting errors, a Controller uses an ErrorReporter to report any errors that are thrown during its checkInput/compute cycle.
InputObject An InputObject represents some sort of value that can be changed by, for example, user interaction with a GUI element.
Limits The Limits interface is implemented by and by other objects that can be "Tied" to a CoordinateRect, such as LimitControlPanel.
Tieable A Tieable object has an associated serial number.

Class Summary
Animator An Animator can change a value continuously, without user intervention, by running a separate Thread.
ComputeButton A compute button is a button that can have an associated Controller.
Controller Controllers are the focus of all the action in the JCM system.
DataTableInput A DataTableInput lets the user input a grid of real numbers arranged in rows and columns.
DisplayLabel A DisplayLabel is a label that can display numbers embedded in strings.
ExpressionInput An ExpressionInput is an input box that allows the user input a mathematical expression.
JCMPanel A JCMPanel is a Panel with an associated Controller.
MessagePopup The class MessagePopup represents a Window that pops up to display an error message.
Tie A Tie associates several Tieable objects.
VariableInput A VariableInput is an input box into which the user can type a real number value, which becomes the value of an associated Variable.
VariableSlider A VariableSlider is a slider (implemented as a Scrollbar) whose position represents the value of an associated variable.

Exception Summary
JCMError JCMErrors can be generated by objects belonging to various classes in edu.hws.jcm.awt and edu.hws.jcm.draw.