Interface Summary
Expression An Expression represents a mathematical expression such as "x+1" or "3" or "sin(x*ln(x)-3*abs(x/4))".
ExpressionCommand An ExpressionCommand can occur as a command in an ExpressionProgram.
Function A Function is a mathematical real-valued function of zero or more real-valued arguments.
MathObject A MathObject is just an object that has setName and getName methods.
ParserExtension A ParserExtension can be defined to add new capabilities to a standard Parser.
Value An object of type Value has a real-number value that can be retrieved by calling the getVal() method.

Class Summary
Cases An object of type Cases stores a list of "case values" that is generated while an expression is being evaluated using the routine Expression.getValuesWithCases().
ConditionalExpression A "conditional expression" is an expression using the "?" operator, such as "(x > 0)? x : -x" or "x <> 3 ? 1 / (x - 3)".
Constant A Constant is a Value that represents a constant real number.
ExpressionProgram An ExprssionProgram represents a mathematical expression such as "3" or "sin(x^2)", stored in the form of a program for a stack machine.
NumUtils This class provides a few static functions for converting real numbers to strings and strings to real numbers.
Parser A Parser can take a string and compile it into an ExpressionProgram.
ParserContext A ParserContext holds all the state data for a parsing operation, including the string that is being parsed, a pointer to the current position in that string, and the most recently parsed token from the string.
SimpleFunction An object belonging to this class is a function of one or more variables.
StackOfDouble A standard stack of values of type double, which can grow to arbitrary size.
StandardFunction This class exists to associate standard functions, such as sin and abs, with their names.
SymbolTable A symbol table contains MathObjects, associating them with their names.
ValueMath A ValueMath object is an easy way to create Value objects that are computed from other Value objects.
Variable A Variable is a Value object whose value can be changed.

Exception Summary
ParseError Represents a syntax error that is found while a string is being parsed.