Package edu.hws.jcm.draw

Interface Summary
Draggable An interface that can be implemented by an object that can be dragged with the mouse.
DrawTemp An object that implements this interface can draw itself, using information from a CoordinateRect (in which it presumably appears).

Class Summary
Axes A set of horizontal and vertical axes that look OK and have reasonable, labeled tick marks.
CoordinateRect A CoordinateRect represents a rectagular region in the xy-plane, specified by values xmin,xmax,ymin,ymax.
Crosshair A Crosshair is a small cross, 15 pixels wide and high, that is drawn in a CoordinateRect at a specified point.
DisplayCanvas A DisplayCanvas is a drawing area that can contain one or more CoordinateRects.
DraggablePoint A DraggablePoint can be added to a DisplayCanvas, where it appears as a small disk, square, or cross.
Drawable A Drawable object can be added to a CoordinateRect, which is itself in a DisplayCanvas.
DrawBorder A DrawBorder object is just a simple border around the edges of its CoordinateRect, with a specified width, in pixels, and a specified color.
DrawGeometric A DrawGeometric object is a geometic figure such as a line or rectangle that can be drawn in a CoordinateRect.
DrawString A DrawString object displays a string, possibly multi-line, in a DisplayCanvas, inside the rectangular region of a CoordinateRect.
Graph1D A Graph1D represents the graph of a function of one variable, to be displayed in a given CoordinateRect.
Grid A Grid object draws a graph paper-like grid on a Canvas.
LimitControlPanel A LimitControlPanel has four input boxes for specifying the xmin, xmax, ymin, and ymax of a CoodinateRect.
MouseTracker A MouseTracker can be added to a CoordinateRect in a DisplayCanvas to respond to user mouse actions in the rectangular area occupied by the CoordinateRect.
Panner When a Panner object is added to a CoordinateRect, it becomes possible to "grab" the coordinate rectangle and pan it (that is, slide it around by moving it with the mouse).
ParametricCurve A ParametricCurve is defined by two functions, x(t) and y(t) of a variable, t, for t in a specified interval.
RiemannSumRects A RiemannSumRects calculates a Riemann sum for a function.
ScatterPlot A ScatterPlot graphs data taken from a DataTableInput.
TangentLine A Tangent line is a line that is tangent to the graph of a specified function of one argument at a specified value of its argument.
VectorField A VectorField displays lines or arrows on a grid of points where the direction and/or lengths are given by two functions (f1(x,y),f2(x,y)).