Package edu.hws.jcm.functions

Class Summary
ExpressionFunction An ExpressionFunction is a Function that is created from an expression and a list of variables that serve as the parameter(s) of the function.
FunctionParserExtension An object belonging to a concrete subclass of FunctionParserExtesion is a mathematical function that can be registered with a Parser and then used in strings that are parsed by that parser.
SummationParser The SummationParser class makes it possible to use summations such as sum(i,1,5,x^i) in a Parser.
TableFunction A TableFunction is a function that is specified by a table of (x,y)-points.
TableFunctionGraph A TableFunctionGraph is a Drawable object that can be added to a CoordinateRect (or DisplayCanvas).
TableFunctionInput A TableInputFunction is a Panel that can be used to define a TableFunction or to edit an existing TableFunction.
WrapperFunction A WrapperFunction contains another function and delegates to it all calls to methods from the Function interface, except for calls to setName() and getName().