Hawk-Dove Game

For a typical Hawk-Dove game there are resources to be gained (i.e. food, mates, territories) denoted as v, injuries to the looser denoted as i, and a display cost t. The general payoff matrix for a Hawk-Dove Game is:


Player 2

 Player 1  




1/2(v) - 1/2(i)





1/2v - t

Recall that Hawk is a pure ESS if either E(H,H) > E(D,H) or E(H,H) = E(D,H) and E(H,D) > E(D,D). To make the ESS calculations a bit easier, plug the resource value and injury costs into the following payoff matrix applet below. Click on the cell and then enter the appropriate value. When you have finished entering the data into the matrix a value will be given in red at the bottom of the applet (i.e. ESS =). If the value is:

ESS = 1 Then Hawk is a pure strategy.

ESS = 2 Then Dove is a pure strategy.

ESS = some value between 0 and 1 Then the value is the proportion of time Hawk is played in a mixed strategy.


Note: Some earlier versions of Netscape do not support java 1.1 and if you are using one of these browsers you will not see the applet.

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