CPSC 120: Lab Assignment 4

Due at 2:59 pm on Friday, 11/08/2013

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Create a scene with the following elements:

The launcher should send up a rocket that should

The "rocket" is really a collection of particles, which all travel upwards together until the explosion time, at which point, their individual velocities propel them away from each other.

This is definitely a job for an array, in fact several of them. Keep arrays to record the following information for each particle:

Turn In:

As with all assignments for this course, submit the folder containing your Processing sketches. This should be a single folder named "hw4", which will contain your fireworks sketch. You do not need to submit a paper printout of anything. Again, the turnin directory is


You may re-submit this work as many times as you like, up to the due date/time. Anything submitted after 2:59 pm on Friday 11/08 will be considered late (and every file contains a time stamp).


John H. E. Lasseter