CPSC220: Introduction to Computer Architecture (Fall 2014)

Assignment #6

Due by the start of class on Hallowe'en

Reading and Tools

In this assignment, you begin constructing the major components of a simulation of the 32-bit MIPS processor. We will carry out this project over the next several assignments, and each one will build on the previous work. Don't fall behind!


Implement in Logisim a 32-bit ALU, supporting the MIPS operations and, or, add, sub, slt and nor. Note: The hardest part of this is the complexity of laying out so many components, especially the wires and splitters. You'll have a much easier time if you complete this work by implementing a number of sub-components first:

Your ALU circuit (including all subcomponents) should be in a file named ALU_32.circ.

Turn in:

To hand in your files: