CS 329: Notes on the Final Project

Available Data Sets

  1. USGS data
  2. US Census data
  3. http://apps.who.int/ghodata/
  4. MTA subway data
  5. NYSE and NASDAQ ticker data
  6. NOAA weather data (or other countries)
  7. airport flight schedule data?
  8. commodities pricing data
  9. US DOE energy consumption rates
  10. Data sets for various professional sports
  11. NY Times article search API
  12. Project Gutenberg
  13. Human Genome Project

Libraries, APIs, and Frameworks

  1. Game frameworks
    1. Slick
    2. Ogre
    3. JMonkey
    4. Lightweight Java Game Library (LWJGL)
    5. libgdx: like LWGJL, but compiles to Android/HTML5/iOS
    6. Unity (game engine, built-in physics)
  2. Web-based map APIs (Google maps, Bing maps, Yahoo maps, Open Street Map)
  3. JOGL, THREE.js
  4. Twitter API
  5. Facebook API
  6. GraphViz, HighCharts (graph visualization)
  7. PDFBox, iText
  8. Google Developer APIs (Java)

John H. E. Lasseter