CPSC 120: Lab Assignment 0

A small bit of extra credit, if turned in by Monday, 01/25/2016

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The goal of this short assignment is to familiarize you with the basics of our campus Linux system, in particular the conventions we will use for turning in work in this class.


Exercises: Linux

To complete this lab, you'll do some exploring to find out a little more about Linux. You should put your answers to 1-3 in the lab0-writeup.txt file that you started earlier. (Use gedit to edit it.)

  1. Begin with the tutorial document, "Introduction to the Math/CS Linux System", available from our class web page. Work your way through the steps in this document. You should be able to finish the last step where you submit and "assignment". This is the basic mechanism you will use for all your work this semester.
  2. For each of the following, give the full path name for the file or folder mentioned. If shortcuts are possible, list those too.

    1. Your lab0 folder.
    2. The lab0-writeup.txt file where you are writing these answers.
  3. Answer the following questions using the information on the Using Linux at HWS web site:

    1. If you accidentally put a file in the trash, you can restore it. But what if you accidentally delete something from the trash, or use "Delete" instead of "Move to Trash"? Is there anything you can do to get that file back? Explain.

    2. If your computer crashes, why shouldn't you just reboot it? Explain, and list two strategies for fixing problems without rebooting.

  4. Explore Linux and Cinnamon. Quite a lot about the environment is configurable - you might check out what you can configure under Preferences, Preferences->Cinnamon Settings, and System Tools->System Settings on the Applications menu. You might also check out what applications are available, or what other information is available in the Using Linux at HWS pages. Write at least two paragraphs about what you've found/learned.

  5. Send me (lasseter@hws.edu) an email telling me the following:

    (Answering "yes" to the last two questions is not a prerequisite for the course - it is helpful, but a willingness to learn is most important. As mentioned in class on Wednesday, if you do have previous computer science or programming experience, I encourage you to talk with me about whether CPSC 124 might be more appropriate.)

Don't forget to follow the steps to hand in your lab (again) when you are done! Also, remember to reboot your computer when you leave the lab (or log out if you are in the Lansing lab).

John H. E. Lasseter