Welcome to this MacHTTP Server!

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Please read the documentation available from this page. It will make the difference between being successful with MacHTTP and the World Wide Web and being very frustrated.

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MacHTTP Home Page

When in doubt, always check the MacHTTP Home Page, run by BIAP Systems, Inc., for information about MacHTTP. The MacHTTP Home Page contains the latest MacHTTP software versions, examples, tools, announcements, and links to other MacHTTP-related sites. Check here often!

MacHTTP_Talk Mailing List

The MacHTTP_Talk Mailing List is the primary support forum for MacHTTP. Users from all over the planet gather here to discuss the care and feeding of MacHTTP.

Support for Registered Users

Registered users can always obtain support directly from BIAP Systems, Inc. by sending e-mail to support@biap.com. Be sure to send your license number as part of any correspondence.

Documentation Resources

The Documentation folder contains important information about MacHTTP. The MacHTTP technical reference, release notes, and a Questions and Answer list can be found there.

Tutorial Information

Several detailed tutorials are available that describe how to use some of the more complicated features of MacHTTP in step-by-step detail. All of this information is contained in the Tutorials folder.

Tools and Utilities for use with MacHTTP

There are many tools and utilities that make working with MacHTTP easier. The Tools.html file in the Documentation folder lists a few of them and has pointers to other locations that have more.

Examples of MacHTTP in Action

The Examples Page contains a few demonstrations of neat things you can do with MacHTTP. The complete HTML and AppleScript source code is available inside the Examples folder within the Tutorials folder.

Other MacHTTP-related Info and WWW sites

Many MacHTTP users have created sites with helpful information. The "Other Sites" file in the Documentation folder contains references to several of these sites.