Downloading Software and Lab Worksheets

This page contains information on downloading the Macintosh software and lab manual I have written to accompany the book The Most Comples Machine: A Survey of Computers and Computing, by David Eck ( You can also read descriptions of the programs used in the labs, and summaries of the individual labs.

You can download a large file containing all the software and the entire 112-page lab manual. You can also download the manual separately. I intend to make most of the sortware available in smaller, single-program files, as I find the time to write up suitable documentation. As I do this, I will add them at the bottom of this page. (The lab worksheets already contain enough information about using the programs, but I want to provide separate documentation.) I will also submit some of this material to public software collections such as info-mac.

The software and worksheets are compressed using Stuffit and then BinHex encoded. You will need a decompression utility such as Stuffit Expander to decode the files.

The lab manual is in PostScript form. To use it, you will need a PostScript-capable printer, and you need to know how to print plain PostScript files to it (for example, with the LaserWriter Utility that comes with Apple LaserWriter printers; or, you can use the free utility program Drop_PS, described below). If you don't have a Macintosh and would like to see the labs, you can download the uncompressed PostScript file, but note that it is very large. For a Macintosh, you can download the much smaller BinHexed Stuffit archive intstead.

Lab manual and software

You can download the software through Gopher or anonymous FTP to (in the directory /pub/TMCM/mac). If you prefer to download it using your WWW browser, you can use these links:

Individual programs:

(See the program descriptions page for more information on individual programs.)

(More free Mac programs--not related to the book--are available from my home page.)