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Recent Course Syllabi
Math 375: Abstract Algebra I. Fall 1995.
This course covers the basics in set theory, mappings, groups, quotient groups, and the classification of finitely generated abelian groups.
First Year Seminar 141: The Devil's Dictionary: Scientific Revolutions. Fall 1995.
Here we examine the notions of scientific revolutions and revolutionaries. We look at how science has grown through various stages and do some science ourselves in the lab.

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Honors Projects/Independent Studies
Technos Trip

I was very fortunate to have the opportunity to spend two weeks in Japan (June 4-18) this past summer. The trip was sponsored by Tanaka Ikueikai Educational Trust. Four students and one advisor from each of several liberal arts colleges were invited to spend two weeks enjoying a unparalleled introduction to Japan and the Japanese people. The trip was wonderful and I look forward to returning to Japan to see all the things I could not see during this trip and meet even more people.

Select these links to download some JPEG images from our Japanese trip.

We visited Technos Institute in the outskirts of Tokyo during International Week. There we had a chance to exchange ideas with our hosts and experience different educational environments. All too soon it was time to return home but the memories will always remain.

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