Who's on first?

John Bishop Vaughn was born on a dark and stormy night in Midland, Texas on some of the flattest land known to humanity. Since then he has tried to discover a place with equally good sunsets but more interesting topography. He won second place in the city-wide track meet 50 yard dash at age twelve but never learned to hit a winning American Twist tennis serve. He graduated from Midland High School after surviving mono, the Fugs, falling out of a tree house, and active participation in a spectacular car crash, tragically involving a freshly baked cream puff, in which it was empirically proved that a 1965 VW Beetle, even one sporting a Texas A&M booster sticker, is no match for an angry Chevy Impala.

The year 1970 found John leaving home fully intending to become an Aerospace engineer and design the next high performance jet fighter or else hitchhike to California and live in a commune. Due to unknown influences, he did neither but ended up in college taking Calculus and wondering what B.F. Skinner had to do with L'Hopital's Rule. Despite the Freedom of Information Act, the details of his undergraduate career remain hazy but somewhere down the road he signed up for Abstract Algebra and Symbolic Logic in the same term. His friends claim he has not been the same since. For a short time he adopted as his personal motto the unoriginal but amusing assertion "This sentence is false." Go figure. Affectionately known as Punkin' Head to his cigar smoking grandmother Lucille, John attained several college degrees while he waited for his life to really commence. For completeness, the list of degrees is reproduced here.

B.S. in Mathematics, 1975. University of Houston
M.A. in Mathematics, 1980. St. Louis University
Ph.D. in Mathematical Logic, 1985. University of Illinois at Chicago

John is currently a faculty member in the department of Mathematics and Computer Science at Hobart and William Smith Colleges in Geneva, New York. While this does not allow him easy access to most current Broadway shows, it does have many not insignificant benefits. For instance, the air is reasonably clean, the city traffic is not mind numbing, and he can walk to work in about 10 minutes at even the most leisurely pace. In addition, the Finger Lakes region has grown to include world class wineries, cider producers, local cheese producers, and numerous restaurants. Drop in and see for yourself!