Bicycle routes, books, movies

Here are some things I enjoyed or at least noticed for one reason or another. The bike routes are a sampling of the many excellent cycling byways you can discover in the Finger Lakes region right around Geneva. Accordingly, I have included only routes starting from Geneva to highlight our own backyard. If you know of others in the vicinity, please let me know as I am always on the lookout for good rides. The Google maps comments provide some general guidance on directions and what you will find riding a particular route. Note that my idea of a hard or easy climb may not match your own. Riding east-west in this area tends to produce roller coaster riding due to the undulation of the land and glacial drumlins. Accordingly, north-south routes are often less hilly but there is no guarantee of a flat, easy ride. In 2012-13 a number of roads were resurfaced (stimulus?) which markedly improved some deteriorating patches. Route 96 north of Ovid is a notable example. Others are parts of Flat Road north of Penn Yann, County Road 28 north of Canandaigua, route 54A south of Penn Yann, SandHill Road southwest of Shortsville, and some others I am forgetting.

The books and movies are a bit more obscure than you may find in your supermarket or DVD rental store. I tend to let this section slide when busy so don't expect to see new stuff here very often. Of course... De gustibus non est disputandum.

My Favorite Bike Routes in the Finger Lakes Region no particular order...

Movies...sort of chronologically ordered