CPSC 329 Software Development Fall 2017

CPSC 329 Lab 4: PlantUML

PlantUML is a free plugin for Eclipse which allows the creation of a number of types of diagrams. Unlike many tools, diagrams are specified using a text-based language which is then rendered into an image. This means that there is a new diagram-specification language to learn, but once you have become comfortable with that, creating diagrams is quick and easy with the focus on the content of the diagram rather than manipulating the tool's interface or the exact presentation of the diagram.


Successful completion of this lab means that you:


Work in pairs (and one group of three) to complete this lab. Only one person needs to carry out the steps in the lab, but everyone in the group should make sure they understand what is going on. There is no limit on collaboration with others, but you need to make sure that you understand for yourself how (and why) to do things.

Due Date and Deliverables

due Tue Sep 26 at the start of class

One handin per group.

To hand in the lab, create a handin tag as directed and include the names of everyone in your group in the commit comment.


It is assumed that you have the PlantUML plugin installed in Eclipse - lab 1 contains the instructions if you to install it. Be sure that you have both PlantUML and graphviz installed.

There isn't anything special about the names or existence of these two folders; it just to organize the various files within the project.

PlantUML's output will go to a tab labelled "PlantUML" in the lower half of the workspace window when you are in the Java perspective. (This is the same place where the "Console" tab can be found.)

Use Case Diagrams

A use case diagram shows the external actors and the tasks they can perform.

Use Cases

Use cases show the steps involved in carrying out a task, focusing on the actions of the external actor and the important system responses.

Sequence Diagrams

Sequence diagrams can be used to show the sequence of method calls (and related actions) within a program.


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