CPSC 343 Database Theory and Practice Fall 2017

Exam 1 Review Information

Midterm #1 will be an open book take-home exam. This means that you can use the textbook on reserve in the library (Elmasri and Navathe), your own notes made prior to the exam being handed out, and the materials posted directly on the course website. Other books, other people's notes, and other websites (even external websites linked to the course pages) are not allowed, nor is communicating with anyone else about the exam (other than asking me clarification questions).

The exam will cover material through 9/18: the ER and EER models (including developing ER diagrams), the relational model, ER- and EER-to-relational mapping, design principles, and normalization.

Expect questions similar to the homework assignments and practice problems: creating ER or EER diagrams to model a given situation, reading ER or EER diagrams, comparing/contrasting ER or EER diagrams, converting ER or EER diagrams to a relational schema, comparing/contrasting/discussing design choices (in ER models and relational schemas), normalizing a relational schema up to and including BCNF. There may also be short answer questions about concepts.

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