CPSC 124
Java Source Code

THIS PAGE CONTAINS LINKS to the source code for examples appearing in the online text for CS 124.

Examples from the Text

This section contains the full Java source code for examples given in the text. You should be able to compile these files and use them. Note however that some of these examples depend on other classes, such as TextIO.class and MosaicFrame.class. To use examples that depend on other classes, you will need to compile the source code for the required classes and place the compiled classes in the same directory with the main class file. If you are using an integrated development environment such as CodeWarrior or Visual J++, you can simply add any required the source code files to your project.

End-of-Chapter Applets

This section contains the source code for the applets that are used as decorations at the end of each chapter. In general, you should not expect to be able to understand these applets at the time they occur in the text. Many of them use rather advanced techniques. By the time you finish the course, you should know enough to read the sources for these applets and hopefully learn something from them.

Required Auxiliary Files

This section lists many of the extra source files that are required by various examples in the previous sections, along with a description of each file. The files listed here are those which are general enough to be useful in other programming projects.