Chapter 9

From Java to C++

JAVA IS A VERY NEW PROGRAMMING LANGUAGE. Although it is already an important language, it is still true that most "serious" programming is done in C and C++. Fortunately, these languages share a lot of features with Java. The older language, C, lacks any object-oriented features. C++ is a much larger language, which extends C with classes, objects, and other features. This chapter serves as a brief introduction to C++ for someone who already knows Java. The coverage here is very incomplete, and is only meant as a starting point for learning C++.

You'll find that a lot of the basics ("programming in the small") are almost identical in Java and C++. However, both the programming philosophy and the large-scale structure of programs ("programming in the large") in C++ are quite different from Java.

Sections in Chapter 9:

  1. C++ Programming Fundamentals
  2. Pointers and Arrays in C++
  3. Classes and Objects in C++

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