CPSC 424, Spring 2021
Final Project Guidelines and Ideas

The final project for CPSC 424 is due at the regularly scheduled final exam period for the course: Tuesday, December 7, at 7:00 PM. There is no final exam. The final exam period will be used for student presentations of their final projects.

Final projects must be selected in consultation with the professor and approved in advance. The project can be individual work, or it can be a group project for two or three people. For group projects, every participant will receive the same grade. All the projects should be different, so it will be good to choose a project early, before someone else grabs the topic that you want.

Several types of project are possible, including: a research paper — in proper style for a paper, including notes and bibliography; a well-documented programming project; or a shorter paper plus some kind of practical work exploring the same topic as the paper. (But no, your project cannot be making a game using a game engine like Unity.)

The project includes a presentation during the final exam period, which will be part of the grade. You should prepare a ten-to-fifteen minute presentation for an individual project and ten minutes per person for a group project.



Here, in no particular order, are some possible topics, to help get you started thinking. You can design a project based on one of these ideas, or come up with something entirely different. But remember that whatever your topic is, you have to get it approved.